Great Lakes Fiddler Stones

Being a mother is wonderful, difficult and full of worry. Children go out into the world, interact with all kinds of people, forget to call, come home late, and don't always tell their moms what they've been up to. Mothers take it all in stride, always ready with what we need, be it a bowl of soup, a bandage, a hug or a kind word. They are amazing.

In honor of the first women in our lives, I made pendants from my Great Lakes Fiddler Stones so our mothers could wear a piece of tranquility as they deal with the challenges of raising us. Nothing will keep them from worrying about us - that goes with the territory - but a Fiddler Stone pendant can help.

Since I was young I have loved to spend as much time as I can on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Being a city kid, scrambling over the rocks and among the gnarled trees of the shoreline was the perfect way to escape the stress and confusion I often felt in my daily life. Walking along the pebbled beach, listening to the waves crash and watching the eagles fish made my sometimes difficult home life easier to

Great Lake Fiddler Stone pic
Great Lakes Fiddler Stone
© 2011 Josef Reiter
Note: Each Fiddler Stone is unique. The one pictured is not necessarily the one you'll get, but it will be like this one.
Great Lakes Fiddle Stone Pic example
Great Lakes Fiddler Stone

Our Great Lakes Fiddler Stones are hand selected to provide the calming energy that mothers need every now and then. Polished in North America's largest rock tumbler - Lake Superior - I choose these stones not so much for how they look but for how they feel. During my many walks along the Big Lake's shore, I listen to the stones beneath my feet. When I hear the right sound, I pick up the stone and walk on, rolling it in my hand. The ones with the right vibe end up in my pocket. Sometimes my pockets get pretty full - sometimes not. The stones with just the right feel become Fiddler Stones.

Each of these stones are unique. The ones I put a bale on tend to be 1" to 1 1/2 " from top to bottom. They range in color from black to a medium gray.