Great Lakes Fiddler Stones

Walking along the pebbled beaches of Lake Superior, listening to the waves crash and watching the eagles glide along the shoreline has always fed my imagination. Somewhere along the line I developed the habit of picking up a handful of stones and running them through my hands as I walked along. Hidden among the common rocks on the beach I'd find special stones that seemed to have a calming effect on my spirit. Their weight, shape and texture felt just right. They seemed to ground me. The ones that felt really good inevitably ended up in my pocket.

I always seem to come home from Up North with a pocket full of stones. Not so long ago I was fiddling with one of them while I was working on a new design and it occurred to me that if I made one into a pendant, I could have it with me all the time. The Great Lakes Fiddler Stones were born.

Great Lakes Fiddle Stone Pic example
Great Lakes Fiddler Stone
© 2011 Josef Reiter

Note: Each Fiddler Stone is unique. The one pictured is not necessarily the one you'll get, but it will be like this one.

Great Lake Fiddler Stone pic
Great Lakes Fiddler Stone

Each Fiddler Stone is hand selected for their calming effect. Polished in North America's best rock tumbler - Lake Superior - I choose these stones based on how they feel to me. Each of these stones is unique. The ones I make into pendants tend to be 1" to 1½" from top to bottom. They are mounted on a Sterling silver bale, and range in color from black to a medium gray.