Josef's imagery

Bear - A symbol of strength, power, one of the kings on the North American continent.

Bear - The Bear Clan were the spiritual advisors of the People.

Buffalo - Sacred to the Plains people, it provides food, clothing, shelter and tools essential to survival. The story of White Buffalo Woman is widely known.

Butterfly - It is said, the butterfly listens to all the dreams, carried by the winds.

Canoe Spirits - How many waters have these spirits traveled?

Canoe Trip - Pictograph of Ancient travelers found all around the Great Lakes and also in many other countries.

Coming and Going - These ponies are running so fast, I couldn't tell which was coming or which was going.

Crane - The beloved water bird that mates for life. The Crane represents family, nurturing, and commitment.

Daisy - The prairie flower that is prevalent in the prairies of the northern Plaines.

Dragonfly - Known as the messenger between the spirit world and us.

Eagle - This mighty bird soars the highest, carrying our prayers on its wings, giving it it's place of honor in the Native ceremonies.

Hidden Crane - How often have you seen these beautiful water birds along a lakeshore or a river. Immediately one gains a sense of oneness with the surroundings.

Home - The eagle soars above its home. A sentinel of balance between the earth and the skies.

Horse Dance - The free spirit of the wild horse, uninhibited, and powerful.

Hummer - The hummingbird, swift, graceful, harmless, one of natures teachers of humility.

Kayak - This image captures the soulful intimacy of the water, the horizon and your spirit.

Loon Song - The solemnity of the Loons song haunting and beautiful. Loons mate for life and abound in the Northern United States.

Mother and Child - The bond between the mother and child is unbreakable. Here, the mother carries her child on her back, gazing into the vastness that life will offer her child.

Ojibwe Floral - These lovely woodland flowers grace the forest floor.

Otters - The playful otters are mated for life, a symbol of the youngster in all of us.

Owl - At night, you hear the owls calling each other from their perches.

Passing the Buck - Do you see the doe bounding past this bolting buck?

Prayer Woman - This woman, arms outstretched is asking the creator for strength and guidance.

Spirit Traveler - The eagle carries our prayers to the Creator, here, he is portrayed returning from the spirit world to the physical world.

Star - The shooting stars are wish bearers. Make your wish before it disappears.

Thunder Spirits - The Thunder bird are the storm bringers, their cries the thunder, their wings, the wind. The symbolize growth and rebirth.

Tree of Life - The cedar tree, sacred gift of the creator symbolizes life, growth, and dreams.

Turtle Moons - The turtle, a clan symbol is symbolic of woman's medicine. The shell of the turtle carries on it, 13 moons (segments), just as a woman has 13 “moons” in a year's cycle.

Two Bucks - The beautiful deer, majestic in its silhouette, moving at night, their vision incomparable.

Wapiti - The mighty elk calling for its mate.

Wolf Song - The call of the wild.

Wolf Paw - The track of the wolf is deep in the ground, it represents being diligent, and having tenacity.