Seven Sisters

The story of the Seven Sisters has long been told on cold winter nights in the warmth of our lodges.

There were once seven sisters, each unique and honorable girls. As they grew of age to receive suitors, the men that appeared at their doors were not suitable to be their mates for life. The sisters all made offerings to the Creator, asking for help and guidance in finding their mates.

One night, the Creator spoke to the sisters in their dreams. "If you all desire to find your perfect mate in life, I will take you to a place where you will have the choice of any man on Mother Earth."

The sisters all agreed, and that night, the Creator took the sisters into the heavens, to look upon Earth to find their perfect mate. Today, this tiny cluster of seven stars is known as Pleides and is a part of the contemporary constellation known as Orion.

Seven Sisters Ring
© 2005 Josef Reiter
Seven Sisters Turtle Inlay
© 2005 Josef Reiter

The Seven Sisters Turtle pendant is inlaid with Lapis Lazuli, Pipestone, Opal and Mother of Pearl.

I used Lapis Lazuli as the Heavens.

Pipestone represents the Red Earth, sacred to all people.

Opal is used for its beautiful mystery, representing The Creator.

Mother of Pearl represents water, a symbol of growth.

On the back of the Turtle, stand the Seven Sisters, taking in the beauty of all of creation. In the center above them, sits the Moon, the physical and spiritual bond between all women.

Each of the Seven Sisters pieces are one-of-a-kind. The hand detailing is part of the whimsy of this collection. Each of the Sisters are wrapped in their own unique blanket, with its individual design. Some of them are left unadorned, their basic form being the focal point of the image.

Seven Sisters Pendant
Seven Sisters Pendant
© 2005 Josef Reiter